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The start of something new

Our new Blog and Newsletter Logo

The idea started with a problem. "How do we keep agents engaged and involved?" After all, not everyone is on our Facebook Agent Exchange, following us on Instagram, or even reading their emails. (You should do all of those.) That is why we are starting an internal blog on Our agents will be able to see what we, at EXIT Real Estate Gallery, are all up to. So, take a trip to Seattle. Go on your Honeymoon. Get a van and go off-grid for a little. Whenever you decide to come back, you will be able to get up-to-date information and feel like you were part of the action.

We will also be introducting a monthly newsletter, linking back to this blog. It will highlight and summarize our events, but come here for the full details. Keep an eye out for The Teal Deal, coming soon!

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